Biochar as Soil Enhancer

Bio-Arang Penyubur Tanah Biochar Soil Rich/Organic Soil Conditioner (5kg) – Wood Based Charcoal Chips

Bio-Arang Penyubur Tanah Biochar Soil Rich/Organic Soil Conditioner

Bio-Arang Penyubur Tanah Biochar Soil Rich/Organic Soil Conditioner

InstanChar Soil Rich is a type of biochar (100% bio-based carbon) produced by burning biomass/agriculture waste via clean and environmental friendly system.

InstanChar Soil Rich comes with different types of sources namely coconut husk, empty fruit bunch palm biomass, bamboo, wood and rice husk. It helps to boost crops’ yield by 50-70%, neutralize acidic soils, and remediate degraded soil by the strong ability to absorb and retain moistures, soil nutrients, fertilizers and soil bacteria.


  • Enhances plant growth
  • Improves soil-microorganism ecosystem
  • Reduces leaching of nutrient
  • Improves soil water handling
  • Adsorbs bad odour
  • Made in Malaysia
  • Easy storage (packaging in a bag with cabel tie)
  • Available type : 5kg biochar wood
  • Sustainable raw material (Wood wastes)
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor gardening as well as deodorizer.


  • Gardening application : Mix 10% to 15% biochar to soil mix of growing media.
  • Deodorizer application: Place 50 -100 grams biochar into non-woven pouches or suitable containers that have tiny holes to allow biochar to absorb the surrounding odour.
  • No shelf life as long as keep it seal and place in the dry area.

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