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If I couldn't be an actor, I would only consider being an astronaut. Now I'm a web designer.

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I have completed many projects and missions for local and international clients. Please check out some of the projects in the below section while I'm doing some other stuff.

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Your rocket is ready!

Let's join me for the next mission! We gonna rock it! Together!

Review by Afifah Muhamad from KL Demure
Custom Website Design Service
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What I can say about the serivce is, TIP TOP! Very easy to work with, always complete any task on time, very generous in giving new ideas and opinions. Thank you so much for making my life (business) easier! Definitely 5 stars!!

Fido is a full-time Freelance Web Designer based in Shah Alam, Selangor with over 10 years of experience. Delivering crafted bespoke and unique websites, engaging, user-friendly, built to convert and maximize ROI.

An award-winning web designer since 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

RM4k to RM10k and depend on project requirements. Charges are negotiable.

The standard timeline is 7 working days to prepare a mockup and 10 working days to develop and complete content insertion.

Every project will get free 12-month warranty and security updates. Content update is a separate service and will be charged separately. *Free service on minor updates.

Yes, I can provide and manage your domain and hosting either shared, VPS, or dedicated web hosting.

Yes definitely. All website admin master access including Cpanel for hosting will be given upon delivery. No restriction access as your website is yours. 

No sorry. I have been working from home for almost 10 years. 

Depend on the project. Some may require us to purchase a major addon to meet the requirement. But initially other fee is only for domain, hosting, warranty dan managed content update (if any).

Most of the projects will be designed and developed by me but also depending on timeline, complexity, functions, and also budget. Some projects may require additional manpower to meet the requirement.

Yes. My company registered name is Fido Resources and Reg Number is: SA0477312-X

Contact me via email or whatsapp and tell me your requirement. I will send quotation details based on discussed items and acceptable charges. 

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